Amrut Jadhav is India’s leading Memory Athlete and a creative learning & memory coach. He has trained over 25,000 people in India, Singapore and Indonesia including students, corporates as well as working professionals.

He has proudly represented India at the 25th World Championship in Singapore in December 2016. He is a co-founder at Brain Infinite and a leader in the Training Institutes in ‘creative learning and memory enhancement’ category.

His book, “You can have a Jumbo Memory”, is a compilation of memory techniques that can come handy for any age group whether you are in to academic, working or non-working professional or retired for good.

This book comes to transform the whole idea of rote learning. We are taught what to memorise, but not how to memorise. Through this book Amrut introduces different memory techniques that eases the learning & memorising process.

As our entire life is wound around our memories, the extended versions of memory are that of academics and lifetime learnings. This book is an interesting journey of knowing different memory types, how important memory functions and how it can be strategically used to create a difference.

The book takes you through memorising different forms of information including random and lengthy information, numerical information, names & faces and more. It also introduces you to different memory championship challenges at national and international level and how you can participate and give a winning performance.