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A truly world-class Memory Championship Training Program


Champion is a Memory Championship training program designed for training students Competing at National and International Memory Championships. It is our endeavour to make more and more students aware about this program and make them participate in different Memory Championship events.

Champion highly enhances student’s learning capacities in academics as it covers holistic Memory development encompassing various parameters towards overall Memory development and recall.

At Brain-infinite, our students are provided with all the necessary resources and coaching necessary for cracking National and World Memory Championships. The Champion Program has mock Memory Championships which boosts students’ confidence before they compete at the National and World Memory Championship.

The students are put through a different set of Memory tests and asked to memorize and recall as much information as possible in an allotted time. There are 10 disciplines in the Memory Championship.

World Memory Championship is a Memory sport co-founded by Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind maps and a promoter of mental literacy and Raymond Keene, a chess grandmaster, a FIDE Arbiter, and an author. The sport was first started in 1991 as a Memory test. 

National Memory Championship Disciplines

At the National Memory Championship event, varied disciplines are presented to test the memorizing and recollection power of the students, testing their visual, vocabulary, numerical, names, and date memory recollections.

Random ImagesTo memorize and recall the sequence of random images in as many ways as possible.
Speed NumbersTo memorize as many random digits as possible and recall them perfectly in two attempts.
Spoken NumbersTo commit to memory and recall as many spoken numbers as possible.
Binary NumbersTo commit to memory and recall as many binary numbers as possible and recall them perfectly.
Random Numbers To commit to memory and recall as many random digits as possible and recall them perfectly
Speed Cards To memorize and recall a cards from a pack of 52 playing cards in the shortest possible time
Random Words To commit to memory and recall as many random words as possible
Random CardsTo commit to memory and recall as many cards as possible of 52 playing cards in the given period.
Historic/ Future Dates To memorize & recall ­fictional numeric dates as many as possible & link them to the right historical events.
Name & FacesTo commit to memory and recall as many names as possible and link them to the right face.


The Memory Experts of Brain Infinite gave my son a truly World Class Memory Training which has made him more observant and Creative.
– Parent

Our students have shown exceptional performance and even bagged medals at various National and International Memory Championships. Our student, Master Rachit M R bagged two silver medals at Turkey Open Memory Championship. 11 years old Rachit M R broke 2 national records at 11th Indian Memory Championship 2019. 

Students from Brain-Infinite represented India at IAM World Memory Championship, which was held in China in 2019.


What Our Students Say About us !

Ms. Deepali Patil Mother of Jassika Patil

Memory Championship has not only helped my daughter to improve in academics but has also helped her to focus on studies. Brain Infinite team is truly the best one in terms of content as well as delivery.

Ms. Dr. Ratna Talvekar Doctor

In this Super Memory Master Class they will teach you certain memory techniques by which your child will learn in a shorter period of time. Thank you Brain Infinite for such a wonderful model and super memory masterclass.

Ms. Meghna Singhi Corporate Trainer

Competing in a National Level Championship was the first step towards a future that
was awaiting me something I had never dreamt of representing my country on an International platform.

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