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Our sincere initiative towards educating and helping needy students

Great Indian Memory Movement
Education is the most important weapon you can use to change the world
– Nansel Mandela

We strongly believe that the student of a country is the future of the country. A country can progress when its students are educated, molded, and inspired to learn.

The Great Indian Memory Movement (GIMM) is a very dear initiative by Brain Infinite. Under this initiative, we train, educate, and inspire students belonging to the slums and Adivasi regions. We help them understand the importance of learning and equip them with various learning tools and techniques.

We have initiated this as a CSR activity and want to reach out with our best support and ability to make children’s schooling and learning journey meaningful.

At GIMM we truly believe that “Every child deserves a chance.”

GIMM was initiated with the blessings of Padma Shri Dr Prakash Baba Amte in Jan 2020. Our first opportunity was to train 300 students at Lok Biradri Prakalp. Our training has been able to make a difference to these enthusiastic children. Happy with our performance, we received a personal testimony from Dr Amte, who was completely amazed to see the transformed students and said, “Your training and results are unbelievable.”

Great Indian Memory Movement


Through GIMM, we also adopted 11 students of Raje Shivaji Vidyalaya and took responsibility for their educational needs. These students reside in slums and are keen to learn. Many of them had lost their father due to COVID-19.

Great Indian Memory Movement
GIMM has been working closely with NGOs and Schools to reach out to such students and their parents. GIMM is an initiative that gives them a supporting hand and platform towards education, necessities, and learning.

Great Indian Memory Movement

It has been our ongoing initiative to identify and reach out to interested and needy students and create learning opportunities for them towards a better future.

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