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Inculcating reading habit for better learning and comprehension.

Habits Mastery

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

Good Books certainly create a positive impact on our lives, sometimes bringing huge transformations.

Reading as an activity has known to influence senses by improving Memory, presenting opinions, build a strong vocabulary, creating varied perspectives, increasing imagination and most of all making you empathetic.

The fact is, unfortunately, very few students love and enjoy the process of reading, finding it boring and time-consuming.

Young Readers is a sincere effort of Brain Infinite, stated with the idea of inculcating the habit of reading in children. We want children to fall in love with books and reading. Imagine your child preferring reading books by well-known authors instead of watching TV, playing games on mobile or just surfing on a device.

Today’s readers are undoubtedly tomorrow’s leaders

Under the Young Readers program, we make your child learn various techniques for speed reading and habit formation. These techniques help children read faster than an average reader and engage their brain to perform at a higher level.

Our Young Readers inculcate a habit of reading daily. At Young Readers, we create tomorrow’s Leaders!!

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