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Creating world-class Memory Athletes

Memory Athlete Extreme

Memory building and development can be a big booster for your everyday activities, including reading, recitation, and recollection during exams. But students can now extend their Memory skills beyond everyday churn out and participate in Memory sports that make for interactive and involved learning, as well as creates a dedicated and disciplined approach.

The Memory Athlete eXtreme (MAX) is a program that has been crafted by us with a vision to create champions in Memory Sports. Through this program, our mission is to help participants reach their peak performance potential, increasing their assessment scores and, with consistent efforts, reach the top ranks across various Memory Championship Events.

MAX is an intensive program and demands a lot of dedication daily for the training. This program includes a daily practice schedule as well as participation in daily Championships. We do daily mock tests and select daily champions. The Memory athletes are taken through different Memory Sports Events, as well as informed on various strategies to score better.

We also work on enhancing the speed parameter, which is very critical in Memory Sports Championships. Students are introduced to tools and software’s to practice speed drills for events on different platforms. The scorecard of every student is maintained for further analysis towards score enhancements. Every student is given personal attention and a detailed insight at various stages on rectifying their mistakes that could affect their scores.

As a team effort and widening the learning graph, we assign buddies or accountability partners for improving the scores during the daily practice schedules. We also take a cumulative score for the teams during daily Championships.

As a major assessment and preparatory initiative, we arrange Mock Championships on the lines of National Memory Championships to attune our students to the format, speed and working of the championship as well as assessing improvement areas. These intuitive and extensive activities prepare our Memory Athletes to secure a certain and respectable ranking in the National Championship Level.


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