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Holistic Brain Development in kid

Project Baby Einstein

Did you know your child could have a razor-sharp Memory?

Research shows that children below the age of seven years have the highest grasping and processing power and can be trained to develop a very sharp Memory. Beyond our understanding of how we would pressurize the children to learning at such an early stage, it has been seen that this is a highly appropriate age for their Memory development.

As parents, you might aim towards inculcating the best practices in the child, project baby Einstein in one engagement that will not only be rewarding on your child’s Memory, but also bring a lot of supplementary changes.

Project Baby Einstein is packed with super activities that individually work on a different aspect of your child’s development. A culmination of varied activities not only enhances the cognitive senses in your child, but also engages and engrosses them, in turn making them outperform.

  • In Project Baby Einstein, we primarily work on the visual, visual sequencing and photographic Memory. We make use of a lot of flashcards to make learning fun and interactive for children. This also results in children developing a strong vocabulary as they are aware and exposed to ample information at such tender age.

  • We are inculcating for them an interest in Math and Science. We perform a lot of simple and easy science experiments for generating in them a curiosity and enhance their thinking process and ask questions.

  • We also introduce to them different languages like French, Spanish and Sanskrit basics in the form of colours, numbers and salutations. This way children generate an interest in a language other than their mother tongue.

  • We also instill some good habits in children and monitor these through their activity charts. We motivate children to do these activities at home like watering plants, saying prayers, helping parents and many others and fill their daily activity chart. This makes them responsible and independent.

  • We teach children breathing practices and guided meditation towards a holistic development.
Great Indian Memory Movement
I was truly amazed seeing my preschooler daughter recollect 28 Indian states from her Memory
– Parent of a child enrolled with Baby Einstein.

With the Baby Einstein program, we are making a conscious effort towards an early and holistic brain development to awaken the Genius in your child.

I’m absolutely stunned to see the change in our children as they are performing activities that would look almost impossible for such small kids
– Parent

The sessions are very interactive, and we keep children highly involved across different activities.

Our brain coaches have been able to extract such unexpected results from children that have left their parents stunned. At the same time, our students are enjoying their Memory enhancing escapades and superseding expectations.

As a team, we have been working religiously towards the development of children to build a stronger, wiser, and mindful Nation.


What Our Students Say About us !

Ms. Madhu Shah , Centre Head JK six Senses Pre-School

I really feel proud of the Brain Coaches of the Baby Einstein Team who are working towards the right brain development of our kids.

Ms. Kavita Gulati , Founder Little Heart Nursery

We strongly recommend that baby Einstein should be a part of every pre-schooland every child should go through their scientifically designed modules.

Ms. Kavita Pardeshi Ishanvi's Mother

I am happy that I enrolled my daughter for Baby Einstein activities. She is now more curious towards learning new things & I find her more confident now.

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