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Adopt Memory Championships in your school curriculum

School Memory Championships

Researchers have found that working Memory is a more powerful predictor of academic success than IQ. We are thus promoting such initiatives that would facilitate the working Memory of children and developing it to its maximum potential.

The Memory Experts of Brain Infinite gave my son truly World Class Memory Training, which has made him more observant and Creative
– Parent

School Memory Championship (SMC) is one such competition of Memory sport in which competitors memorize maximum information possible within a given period. SMC is approved by the Indian Memory Sports Council (IMSC) to help students discover the mind sport of Memory. Additionally, these Memory activities also help the students in their studies.

Memory Championship has not only helped my daughter to improve in academics but has also helped her to focus on studies.
– Parent

IMSC is an independent registered body governing the mind sport of Memory and regulates Memory Competitions throughout India. It is also recognized by the International Association of Memory, Germany.

Schools can adopt Memory Championship programs and not only create a foundation for good learning, but also create Memory Champions who would represent the school at National and International Level Memory Championships.

Schools can conduct School Memory Championship and inspire the students at their school to explore the Memory sports and create the foundation for the future Memory champions who would go on to represent India at various International Memory Championships.

Students can benefit largely under this program as –

  • Students can improve their Memory by 300%.

  • Focus on creative learning enhances overall engagement and recall power.

  • Random Numbers- To commit to Memory and recall as many random digits as possible.

  • andom Words- To commit to Memory and recall as many random words as possible.

  • Historic/Future Dates- To memorize and recall fictional numeric dates as many possible & links them to the right historical event.
The School Memory Championship is conducted at your school venue and needs an initial registration. Memory Championship is conducted under two categories-

  • Standard 3rd to 7th (8-12 years)

  • Standard 8th to 10th (13-16 years)

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