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Be a Super Student… Apply Memory techniques & Scientific learning Tools

Super Memory Masterclass

According to a study by world experts, India will be known as the ‘YOUNGEST COUNTRY’ by the year 2025. This means, as a country, we hold a lot of potential and see promising generations in the decades to come. We envision a scope of growth and emerging as world leaders.

But is that how things are? No!! We are all aware of how burdened and stressed our younger generation is today.

And the result-

  • Students lack focus in studies
  • Forgets during exam
  • Easily distracted by games & social media
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The surprising fact is educational institutions and parents expect students to memorize what is taught to them during the academic year. Students are not taught how to focus, memorize, and recall, yet expected to perform.

To address the huge gap of expectations and learning, we at Brain-Infinite have put together a unique, comprehensive & practical Memory development program that is an interactive and relaxing learning experience. We created it in a way to lessen the burden of studies yet bringing out the best ways to memorize and recall. A less stressed generation can thus be open to other developmental interests.

Did you know your child could have a razor-sharp Memory?

What Students will achieve from this program is

  • Students will have ease in memorizing and develop interest in studies

  • Improve their Memory by 300%

  • Score more in Exams

  • Study more in less time

The Super Memory Master Class is created around 12 Scientific Memory Techniques that are built to strengthen your basics.

Under this program we firstly work towards your goal settings. Making you aware of your goals is giving you a direction to work around things in life. We work towards increasing your concentration to be able to receive all the inputs well.

This program is an application-based program and after explaining every technique, we teach you the applicability of that technique in your academics.

This program works around an all-round Memory development and recall by making easy memorizing longer format of information, enhancing vocabulary and spellings as well as a stronger technique to recall everything learnt. This makes it easy for learning new languages, remembering presentations and long speeches as well as good recall during exams.

We also work on your creative and visualizing aspects of Memory formation as well as numerical data.

Lastly, we help you master the skill of self-induced learning through habit formation and activating your subconscious with positive manifestation of what you want in life.


What Our Students Say About us !

Ms. Shivani Gandhi Teacher

Although being in teaching profession since last 10 years, it has immensely helped me & I can vouch that it would help any person in all spheres of life.I strongly recommend students to go forward for thesame.

Ms. Anjali Sanjay Naik Corporator Education Chairman Mumbai Mahanagar Palika

Mr. Jadhav is truly a world class memory expert with in-depth knowledge about the subject. He is truly inspiring people to make the best of their brains & giving them the
exact techniques to do so.

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