Tara Thombre’s  teacher once told her when she was in 7th standard, that she would grow up to be either a politician or a speaker. Today Tara Thombre recounts her teacher’s words. Having been able to influence more than 1000 parents and students, she thinks she has been able to do justice as a speaker and an educator.

She is a diploma and a degree holder in engineering and worked for three years with Ericson before taking her Memory Training passion full-

During her diploma engineering years, she attended a memory training workshop and was inspired by its potential to change the rote learning process. It creates a considerable difference by making memorising easy, and with better recall value. She was motivated to do a Train the trainer program for Memory techniques and taught part-time with her corporate job.

Post marriage she left her corporate job and took to training full-time. She started teaching children on memory techniques, public speaking, imagination, and creativity building above 8 years of age. Over sometime, she was asked to train a toddler of 3 years. This is how she came to create the Baby Einstein program and its four levels, which is now catering to the needs of 2–7-year children.

Tara Thombre has been a student of Amrut Jadhav and today works with him hand-in-hand with Brain Infinite’s vision. She has represented India at China World Cup Memory in 2019.
She believes, young kids are the future of any country, and she is happy that through Brain Infinite they are creating a good future for the children.